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When I first enrolled in this class, I knew it was going to be a lot of work. All of us are students, most graduate standing, and I sometimes forgot that I was a student. As part of logistics, I didn’t see how important our group was until the work weekends. We had to make sure all the tools needed were ready, buy missing tools, keep things organized, and not to mention, feed hungry students who had been working all day. It was definitely frustrating at times, but when frustration peaked, I could only think about how no one was forced to be in this class. Yes, it might be required for some in the major, but there were others who did not have to take it. And, even if some were forced to take the class, everyone was working hard and trying to make a difference in the lives of the Todd family.

Liz mentioned something in class before the start of the final work weekend that really stuck a cord with me. The Todd’s wanted biblical scriptures written on the floor as a blessing. But, how could we bless a home when there are troubles or frustrations between the people helping rebuild the home? I think this was the pivotal point when we all knew we had to put whatever differences aside and provide the Todd’s with a new home.

During the last work weekend, Liz and the Todd’s pastor started writing these scriptures inside the house. Thinking of all the tribulations this family has had to endure throughout the years and knowing that their faith is still strong, was really inspirational to me. I sometimes complain about little things, when there are others who are going through so much more and yet never once complain. If there is anyone who can renew someone’s faith in God, it would be the Todd family. They remind me of the story of Job; he was a wealthy man who lost everything: his wife, his kids, his riches, and his home. Yet never once did he complain, and not once did his faith falter. In the end, God blessed him for his unwavering faith. I’m sure that the Todd’s will have the same happy ending.

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